The Big Picture

There are thousands of old alarm panels still connected to landlines. Almost all of them work reliably, but businesses can no longer afford to pay increasingly expensive monthly bills for traditional phone service.

The Problem

It is uneconomical and completely unnecessary to replace reliably working security and fire alarm panels - especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of sites. It makes no business sense at all to do so.

The Solution

Stop using phone lines for alarm monitoring and connect your reliably working systems to a modern SIP based network with low cost equipment VoIP instead. You stand to make huge savings up front and every month thereafter.

We help Alarm Panels that have worked for decades - work for decades more!

The Basics..

Disconnect the alarm panel from the phone line and connect it to any 'off the shelf' analog terminal adapter (VoIP ATA). This will allow alarm signals to leave the protected premises over an Internet connection instead of a landline. Signals will reach the ARC in exactly the same way as they did before the switch was made, so there are absolutely no changes required at either end.

It costs less than £30 to purchase a single line VoIP Adapter. They can just as easily be installed and maintained by an IT tech as they can by an alarm engineer. Compare the cost of having a basic IT tech install a simple VoIP adapter to the cost of an alarm company replacing an alarm panel. Multiply those costs by the number of fire and security alarm panels in your business and you start to get an indication of the scale of savings that can be made by companies with multiple sites. Our technology is utilised by retailers worldwide. Some of them have a few hundred stores and one of them has over 1500. Imagine the initial savings they made by avoiding swapping out alarm panels and the savings they now make each and every month on the cost of telephone line rental.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is more commonly known as Voice over IP and it is used for almost every phone conversation that takes place today. SIP networks are the modern-day replacement for traditional copper lines yet the majority of Alarm Companies and Monitoring Centres have somehow failed to recognise this. The consequences of this oversight has proven very costly for Alarm System owners as they continue to pay for increasingly expensive telephone lines. Don't be one of them!

IP Alarms have been transmitting alarm signals over SIP networks since 2002. We have experienced a lot of technical challenges over that time and have been able to adapt our technology and network accordingly. Overly keen firewall rules, routers with badly designed SIP ALG's, low spec Internet connections and countless other hurdles have been overcome in order to prove that our technology is up to the task at hand.

Analog Terminal Adapters have been around for more than two decades. They can intelligently detect network failures and switch to backup servers almost immediately. IP Alarms take full advantage of this important failover feature and our SIP servers are dispersed across multiple data centres, providing our Customers with very robust technology. Where it could take days to detect a faulty phone line and wait for it to be repaired, re-routing is now seamlessly built into our platform.

Accept The Problem

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Adopt the Technology

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Implement the Solution

Extend the life of your alarm panels and make big savings