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About VoIP2Go

VoIP2Go started out developing VoIP compatible solutions for the the security and medical alarm monitoring industries and steadily developed the skills and experience to start offering Voice over IP - better known as Internet Phone Service. Our VoIP2Go network is fully redundant and was designed to overcome the decline of PSTN and to lower the cost of calling premium rate non-geographical phone numbers and mobile phones.

Although our network is complex, we strive to make things as simple as possible for our Customers. We understand that you just simply want to plug in a phone and have it work. We have developed the systems and manufacturing partners that allow us to offer that kind of simplicity.

We are a small company and are not required to register for VAT. This is very important for home and business owners who are unable to claim back the VAT charged by our competitors. We are the only VoIP provider in the UK able to pass these savings directly on to our non-VAT Customers.