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Cisco IP Phones

Bring your own device or order direct from our equipment partner

If you already have your own VoIP equipment, then you are welcome to use it with VoIP2Go. If not, then we can arrange for our equipment partner to pre-configure a device for VoIP2Go and send it directly to you. Simply choose the most suitable compatible model from our partners web site and we will guide you through the order process. Once you receive your new IP Phone or adapter, you can simply plug it in and start making calls. If you have a direct inward dial (DID) number setup within VoIP2Go, then you can receive calls too.

The Cisco SPA303 is an affordable, three-line, business-class IP Phone. It has a speakerphone, Caller ID, Call Hold, Conferencing and more. Menu and browser-based configuration. The Cisco SPA301 is a small, affordable, single line business class IP Phone. They are commonly used in warehouses but can just as easily be used as a no-frills office or home phone. The Cisco SPA112 2-line analogue terminal adapter allows you to connect any existing telephone into it via either of it's two RJ-11 phone ports. You also have the option of connecting an alarm panel.

VoIP2Go have recently partnered with Obihai and with your permission, we can manage your device from their Cloud based ObiTalk platform. This is really convenient for those of you who are not too confident with the hundreds of different settings available in the device configuration web pages.