DIY Alarm Monitoring over a Mobile Phone Network with VoIP2Go

Using GSM Terminals for DIY Alarm Monitoring

A GSM terminal can allow any make or model of alarm panel, Digital Communicator or Telecare/Lifeline equipment to transmit alarm signals to the VoIP2Go platform. Purchase one from eBay or elsewhere and you have the flexibility to use the Mobile Phone provider of your choice.

VoIP2Go is able to decipher an alarm signal sent over any type of phone line or voice service. Once a connection is made, communication between the alarm panel and VoIP2Go is identical to that between an alarm panel and a traditional analogue alarm receiver at an alarm receiving centre.

Your alarm panel must be programmed to use a DTMF alarm protocol like BSIA Fast Format or Contact ID. Simply unplug your security alarm panel or Digital communicator from your old phone line and plug it into any GSM terminal. Enter a VoIP2Go alarm receiver phone number and you can reliably monitor any system over a GSM network.