Included in your VoIP2Go Subscription

Ideal when there is no requirement for a Police Response

If your security system already has the ability to communicate over a phone line with an alarm receiving centre, then it can be connected to the VoIP2Go platform via the line 2 port on a Cisco SPA112 VoIP adapter. If not, then you have the option of purchasing a device called a Digital Communicator that will allow your panel to dial a phone number and transmit alarm signals. If you don't already have a Cisco VoIP boix and you don't want to pay for one, then it's not a problem. We have developed technology that allows you to use any VoIP equipment and phone service to send alarms to one of our dedicated phone numbers.

When alarm signals are received, VoIP2Go can send out email or SMS alerts to any number of your Contacts. It can also record snapshot images from compatible IP Cameras, store them and email them as attachments. You are allowed to connect a maximum of four IP Cameras with your VoIP2Go subscription and additional cameras cost just £2 per month.

NOTE: Unless you can already arm and disarm your alarm panel over a phone line, you will not be able to do it from VoIP2Go over the Internet. It is possible to do it via VoIP2Go if supported by your alarm panel, but you will require an incoming VoIP phone number on line 2 of the Cisco SPA112 adapter. We do not provide a smart phone App for remote control.