Race Result System

Our Pedigree

Committed to the continuing development of computerised pigeon products - we are proud to introduce you to RaceDay, the club & federation race result program with a difference. We believe that RaceDay is the most powerful race result program available for clubs, whilst remaining the "Easiest to use". We have had experience since 1992 working with pigeon fanciers and we know that the most important thing for them is for the program to be user friendly.

RaceDay is used by well over 300 clubs worldwide and produces around 20 different professional looking result sheets and there's one to suit every club. You now have the option to save your results in a format ready for posting direct onto your web site for the whole world to see. Once you have entered all of your member's details and distances you can move between them very easily. For larger clubs and federations there is a pre race pools facility where you can get a summary for each member, club and section. Each of your races can be entered at the start of the season to compile a race diary, or on the day of each race. Pools can be paid as a Percentage, or as One in Something. There are facilities for nominations and for money to be carried over.

The racing pigeon software prices quoted below are for orders paid for on this web site where the software is downloaded. The download file can easily be burned to a CD for safe keeping.

Software Product Description Price  
RaceDay Club Race Result Software    
  Up to 10 members £39
  Up to 15 members £49
  Up to 25 members £65
  Up to 50 members £75
  Up to 100 members £100
  Up to 500 members £150