VoIP2Go is compatible with all PSTN Alarm Communicators

VoIP2Go Alarm Monitoring Technology

As you may already know, alarm signals might not communicate reliably if you switch your phone to VoIP. Voice over IP can cause big problems for alarm transmission and many signals go astray every day. VoIP2Go utilises high quality equipment manufactured by Cisco to overcome this problem and reliably gets signals from your alarm panel or Telecare/Lifeline unit to where they need to be.

VoIP2Go is compatible with every Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK and allows any make or model of alarm panel or digital communicator to reliably transmit signals from anywhere there is an Internet connection available. VoIP2Go puts signals back onto the PSTN network so there is no requirement for any special equipment or software at the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Simply disconnect your security alarm system or Telecare/Lifeline unit from the phone line, connect it into a Cisco SPA112 subscribed to the VoIP2Go Phone Service and it will work over your Internet connection. The great thing is, your Alarm Company will be none the wiser and will have no grounds to talk you into an expensive upgrade.