Loft Management and Race Results

About our Software

Racing Pigeon Software is our business. We have been supplying our RaceDay professional race result software to large and small clubs and federations worldwide since 1992. We also specialise in Loft Management and Race Result Systems for individual fanciers and breeding studs.

Many of the large racing pigeon clubs and nationals use our software as it is by far the most comprehensive on the market. Major upgrades on our RaceDay race result software were carried out on behalf of the Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club and the North Road Championship Club. Our LoftBase loft management system was also upgraded as we seek to extend the suitability of our software for modern day operating systems like Windows 10.

Our History

Hundreds of racing pigeon clubs and federations have used our race result software since we started way back in 1992. The clubs came to us with a vast range of requirements on velocity calculations, clock variation, ETS, result sheet layout, pools and prize structures. If you've seen result sheets from any of these clubs then you will know that it's very likely we will be able to cater for the requirements of your club too.

Our Customers

  • Scottish National Flying Club
  • Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club
  • North Road Championship Club
  • London & South East Classic Club
  • Northern Classic
  • Welsh South Road National Flying Club
  • Lanarkshire Federation
  • North West Federation
  • National North Road Flying Club
  • Welsh South Road Federation

Contact Us

  • Owner: Steve Nutt
  • Telephone 0161 660 7475 (Up to 3pm)

Message from the Owner:

I am semi-retired and living in Thailand. I can no longer offer telephone support but rest assured that I plan to make the software available for many years to come.