Setting up Voice over IP equipment is not for the faint hearted. There are literally hundreds of settings that can affect how the service works. VoIP2Go overcomes these hurdles by handling all of the configuration options for you. You don't need to worry about voice codecs, echo, port forwarding, network redundancy or anything else associated with VoIP. We manage your devices in the Cloud so that we can make adjustments for you if anything needs to be changed. Hosted PBX really doesn't get any simpler than that.

If the ability to pick up your phone and always be able to make a call is as important to you as it is to us, then VoIP2Go might be the ideal Hosted PBX partner for you. VoIP2Go provides the most highly redundant VoIP network in the UK. We use geographically redundant servers in London, the USA and Canada to minimise the effects of natural disasters and large Internet failures. We regularly test our disaster recovery plan and we have measures in place to keep your phone service going even when our servers are under Denial of Service attack. We are very serious about providing dial tone.


Obihai Analogue Terminal Adapters

High reliability and low cost make the Obi100, Obi110, Obi200 and Obi202 the most popular VoIP adapters connected to our Hosted PBX platform by our Customers.


Obi110 Telephone Line Integration

The Obi110 has an FXO port for use with PSTN lines. Make or receive voice calls or fax's over your trusty old landline while integrating the device into your Hosted PBX.


OBi1000 Series of IP Phones

The OBi1032 may be the entry level model from the OBi1000 Series of IP Phones but it really packs a punch when connected to the VoIP2Go Hosted PBX platform.

The range of telephony features found in Obihai Voice over IP adapters and their OBi1000 Series of IP Phones make them the ideal choice for use with the VoIP2Go Hosted PBX Platform. The OBiTALK device management portal makes it very easy to setup devices and just as easy to make configuration changes when necessary. Obihai equipment takes full advantage of the features built into the VoIP2Go platform and they add a few interesting features of their own.

With VoIP2Go, you have a single account and you can add as many sub accounts as you like without incurring any monthly fees. That means you can have users at as many offices as you like, using as many different devices, softphones or Mobile APP's as you like. We do not think it's right to charge you for features you may never need. We only charge you for the calls you make.